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Our coaching team is a dynamic part of the Federation Skating Club that molds and shapes the atmosphere on and off the ice. Their enthusiastic dedication to the skaters and our programs enables them to pass on knowledge and build the basics skills of all our skaters.

Each coach has obtained national certification from Skate Canada and NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) and routinely updates their training, education, first aid and background information. Pleaser refer to this document for the skating level equivalent from the bronze/silver/gold program to the Star program. 

Skaters receive the technical skills (basic skills, spinning, jumping and footwork), mental preparation, physical training (stamina, strength, flexibility), and musicality (how to skate with the music with their skills and physical expression) that allows them to progress their skating ability and appreciation. 

To arrange private StarSkate lessons, please contact a StarSkate coach using their email.



Jenna Hodnefield


  • Regional Coach Certified 
  • Club Coach Certified
  • Program Coordinator 
  • 9 yrs experience coaching CanSkate and STARSkate
  • 7 yrs Program Assistant experience
  • Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive, Gold Dance, Rhumba Diamond Dance, Senior Bronze FreeSkate Elements & Program, Accredited Star 7 Elements
  • Experience coaching up to gold levels
  • STAR competition coaching experience 
  • CanSkate Coordinator for Beaumont Skating Club
  • BSc in Agricultural Business Management

Abi Seewald


  • Regional Coach Certified
  • Club Coach Certified
  • Program Coordinator
  • 9 yrs experience coaching CanSkate, STARSkate, Competitive
  • 4 yrs Program Assistant experience
  • Diamond Dances, Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive, Senior Silver Freeskate (now called Star 10 Freeskate)
  • 4th, 6th at 2012 Nationals, two time Gold medalist at AB/NWT/NUN Sectionals Novice & Junior Ice Dance, 3-time Challenge competitor
  • Specialized in edges, footwork, and partner work. 
  • 16+ yrs Dance experience (RAD Ballet, Contemporary, Ballroom, Bharathanatyam and Bollywood)
  • BSc, MPH, MD in progress

Rhea Sherman


  • Regional Coach Certified
  • Club Coach Certified
  • CanPowerSkate Certified
  • 8 yrs experience coaching CanSkate and STARskate
  • 5 years program assistant experience
  • Junior Silver Skills, Junior Bronze Freeskate, Junior Silver Dance and Bronze Interpretative
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bilingual (French - English)

Emily Johnston


  • Regional Coach Certified
  • Club Coach Certified
  • 6 yrs experience coaching CanSkate and STARSkate
  • Gold Skills, Gold Dance, Silver Artistic and Preliminary FreeSkate
  • ITS Director for Leduc Skating Club
  • Trained Special Olympics Community Coach
  • Trained Aboriginal Sport Coach
  • Skate Alberta/NWT/Nunavut Central Region Volunteer Coach of the Year 2018
  • BSc & BEd in progress

Jayla Nokohoo-Badry

(Away for the 2023-2024 season)


  • Regional Coach In-Training
  • Club Coach Trained
  • Program Coordinator
  • 5 yrs of CanSkate and IFS coaching experience 
  • 3 yrs of StarSkate experience
  • CanSkate Director for Leduc Skating Club
  • Junior Bronze Freeskate, Gold Dance, Sr Bronze Skating Skills
  • BEd Elementary

Jaelyn Hodnefield


  • Club Coach Certified
  • Regional Coach Trained 
  • 3 yrs coaching experience
  • 7 yrs PA experience 
  • Gold Skills, Gold Dance, Sliver Artistic, Jr Bronze Freeskate
  • BA in Anthropology at U of A in progress

Megan Wischnewski 


  • Club Coach Certified
  • Regional Coach In-Training
  • 4 years coaching experience
  • 8 years PA experience
  • Silver Skills, Senior Bronze Dance, Senior Bronze Freeskate
  • Completing BA at U of A

Marie- Terez Abou Rjeily



  • Club Coach Certified
  • Regional Trained
  • 4 years coaching experience
  • 2 years coaching Synchronized skating
  • Competitive Synchronized Skating Experience
  • Coaching synchro competition experience (Sectionals)
  • Star 6 Skills, Star 6 Dance, Star 2 FreeSkate
  • Active skater 
  • BA in Psychology and Political Science at UofA in progress
Melanie Cheng


  • Club Coach Certified
  • Regional Coach Trained
  • 2 yrs experience coaching 
  • 3 yrs Program Assistant experience
  • Gold Skills, Gold Artistic, Gold FreeSkate Program, STAR 10 Elements,  STAR 7 Dance
  • Active figure skater
  • Student at Lillian Osborne High School
Grace Fedor
  • Regional Coach Trained
  • Club Coach Certified
  • 2 years coaching experience 
  • 7 years PA experience 
  • Gold Dance, Gold Artistic, Gold Skills, Star 9b Freeskate
  • BScN in progress at Macewan University



Katrina Abou Rjeily

  • Club Coach Trained
  • 3 yrs experience coaching
  • 6 yrs PA experience
  • Star 5 Skills, Star 1 Dance, Star 1 Freeskate
  • Competitive synchro skating experience - sectional
  • BEd UofA

Amy Warnke

  • Club Coach Certified
  • 4 yrs experience coaching CanSkate
  • 4 yrs program assistance experience
  • Gold Skills, Gold Dance, Gold Artisitic, Star 6 FreeSkate
  • Triple Gold Achievement with Skate AB/NWT/Nunavut 2021
  • 3rd Year Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • President of UofA Figure Skate Club
  • Current active skater competing as an adult

Darci Wilson

  • Club Coach Certified
  • 5 yrs experience coaching Canskate
  • Competitor
  • Gold skills, gold dance, gold interpretive, gold freeskate, one diamond dance
  • RN

Ellen Kim

  • Club Coach In-Training
  • 1 year PA experience

Sofia Arzayus Trujillo

  • Club Coach In-Training
  • 1 year PA experience
  • Star 5 Skills, Star 4 FreeSkate
  • Active skater

Astha Shah

  • Club Coach In-Training
  • 4 year PA experience
  • Active skater

Alyssa Higo

  • Club Coach In-Training
  • Trained Special Olympics Community coach
  • PA experience
  • Active skater




Brodie Case




  • CanPower Coach Trained
  • 20+ yrs of hockey experience
  • Played Tier 1 hockey
  • Taken several credited competitive coaching courses at the college and university level
  • Professional photographer with a Certificate from the New York Institute of Photography
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology