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All Spring Classes are Full! July StarSkate and August Learn to Skate Registration is Open
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Learn-to-Skate Parent Information

Thank you for choosing to skate with Federation Skating Club. We strive to create a safe environment where everyone can learn to skate. 


Required Equipment: skates (hockey or figure) and a CSA-approved helmet

All of our Learn-to-Skate programs (PreCanskate, Canskate & Adult Canskate) require skates, hockey or figure, and a CSA-approved skating helmet. We recommend purchasing the lace-up skates as the plastic-molded skates do not allow for the necessary ankle movement and fit required. All helmets must have a CSA-approved sticker on them. Helmets should fit properly and not move when the skaters nods or turns their head.

Before the first day of skating, please ensure that the skates have been sharpened. Newly purchased skates do not come pre-sharpened. Without regular sharpening (once a season/session), skaters will not be able to properly use their edges. 

After each session, ensure that skates are dried off completely before placing them in a bag. Rust can form on the blades if not completely dried off properly.

Recommended Clothing: gloves/mittens, warm sweater/jacket and warm pants

We recommend dressing in layers. The arenas can be very cool at the start of each class. We recommend that young skaters wear snow pants. This will prevent them from having wet pants after the class after falling. 

On Ice

The first day of skating is always overwhelming and may be scary for young skaters. Please encourage them to keep trying and become their 'cheerleader' from the stands. Seemingly easy skills, such as standing up, can be very challenging for young skaters and they may require some time to master this skill. 

Once on the ice, skaters are grouped according to ability. It is natural for skaters to be moved within groups a couple of times in order to find the best fit. We strive to put skaters into groups that encourage the skaters to try new skills, while ensuring that the skills are within the childs ability. 


Our coaches and volunteers are committed to creating a safe learning environment for all skaters. Please respect the coaches and volunteers decisions in respect to club operations and skaters safety. To speak with a program coordinator or a board member, please email 


We communicate with parents primarily through email with program updates, registration information and skating schedules. Please review your account annually to ensure that you are subscribed to all club email lists.

Skater specific questions may be answered by the skater's coach after each session or by emailing Please do not approach a coach if they are on the ice, this distracts the coach and takes time away from the skaters that they are working with. 

Volunteer & Fundraiser Requirements

We do not require Learn-to-Skate families to complete any volunteer or fundraiser requirements. If you wish to inquiry about volunteer or fundraising opportunities, please email 

Age Requirements

All skaters must be 3 years old before getting on the ice. 

The age requirements for Canskate and Adult Canskate can be overridden upon approval from a program coordinator. Approval is given on a case-by-case basis and takes into consideration skating experience.  Please send all requests to